Charlotte's Look Good Feel Better Make-Up Brush Review:

There is no denying that when we look and feel good we immediately radiate a stronger essence of self confidence. Undoubtedly, it is clear to see why so many women across the world today utilize various beauty products as an aid to alleviate any insecurities that they may have.


When enduring the upsetting and traumatic experience of discovering that you have cancer, not only do the patients have the emotional turmoil to deal with, they also have to undergo extreme physical changes. Although these changes may only be short-term, they can leave a vast number of ladies feeling unconfident and insecure. This is when Look Good Feel Better step in, they are the only global cancer charity that offer support to women and teenagers with the visible side effects of cancer treatment. Founded over 25 years ago they now operate in 26 countries worldwide, providing essential support to over 1.5 million women internationally. Not only that but through their presence in the UK they have been able to support over 100,000 women and teenagers since 1994. This unique charity makes it their aim to empower women, with their ultimate goal being for these special ladies to feel beautiful on the inside and out.



The variety of cosmetic brushes endorsed by this company cater to all skin-types and the super soft talcon bristles are specialised to nourish sensitive skin, with a weightless application of products leaving your skin feeling almost untouched. These brushes are the building tools for so many women’s self confidence, giving them the techniques to modify and enhance their most stunning and striking features. Each one has its own function:

The multitasking brush has been designed to achieve a buffed and glowing complexion. When using it to apply my foundation, it created a flawless finish, evening out my skin tone and accomplishing that desired radiant appearance.

The detail brush has that precision technique which allows you to either highlight or disguise those features that complete your facial profile. For me it was an essential to creating those dramatic party eyes for nights out with the girls.

The tapered blending brush was also great for adding depth to the crease of my eyes, achieving a great contrast which wasn’t too severe compared to other more blunt brushes. This developed a blended palette of colour on my lid, giving me that extra something which made my eyes pop.

Finally, the finishing brush sealed my foundation, securing my coverage to last longer and effortlessly highlighting and shading all the contours of my face. I felt this brush was effective in accomplishing that sculpted look, enhancing my cheek bones leaving me feeling like a Kardashian!

Evidently, Look Good Feel Better provide the highest quality professional cosmetic brush range, facilitating women to be their own makeup artist. The possibilities are endless, you know when you invest in these products you are not only benefiting from high quality brushes but you are also supporting women all over the world with cancer. You can be an advocate for other women, endorsing in their self-confidence and enabling them to feel and look beautiful and empowered.