Well, I actually had to pay £11.98 because I have a mop head and had to buy two tubes!

But I didn’t mind, as long as it gave me pink hair!


You might think I’m mad for wanting to dye my hair pink after being blonde for so long, but I got sucked into the idea of changing my hair when I stumbled upon a few of my fav ‘insta models’ who dyed their hair the bright colour. You know when you see those insta models in a certain top that looks AMAZING on them but probably looks nothing like that on you? Yeah, well I thought I would magically turn into my style inspo, Nicola Hughes


Needless to say, I didn’t (to my despair)… But I think I’m pretty pleased with the outcome…



I’ve wanted to change my hair from blonde to pink for quite some time but I am absolutely terrified of putting my appearance in other people’s hands (I’m very particular OK). So I reckon I’d give it a go myself first… I can just hear all of the hairdressers screaming at their computer screen ‘NOOOOOOOOOO DON’T DO IT!!!’ ... Sorry, too late!



Another thing I’m terrified of, is commitment (like permanent changes to my body.. Not relationships – in case my boyfriend is reading this… Hey! I’m committed!)

For this fear of permanent changes – I opted for a wash out hair colour, so if I wasn’t happy with it, I could easily wash it out and act like it never happened. Look at me, cheating the system.



The hair dye that I went for was the L’Oreal Colorista Washout Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, in the colour – you guessed it – Pink. This is supposed to fade over 1-2 weeks, I was pretty OK with that.


The tube holds 80ml of product, and right off the bat it looked like it wouldn’t be enough to cover my entire head, so THANKFULLY I purchased two bottles. If you have medium to long hair, I would definitely recommend doing this too. You don’t want to be left with half a head of pink hair because you ran out half way through application.


The box comes with a single tube of hair dye, you don’t need to mix anything together unlike normal hair dyes. It also comes with a pair of gloves, which is handy if you don’t want to go for that matchy-matchy look with your hands and hair. (FYI - no one actually does this – plz don’t start another weird trend). I also just realised I made an unintentional pun up there, it’s becoming a real problem.




I followed the instructions; shampooed and dried my hair well so the colour could soak in to my hair easier. I grabbed a towel from the hot press – much to my mums despair as I grabbed one of her good white towels. Don’t judge me, I’m still a stupid teenager. In my head.


I threw this over my shoulders to make sure my clothes didn’t stain pink. I know what you’re thinking – get your mum’s good white towel pink rather than your old, BLACK t-shirt. OK, I see your point.


The instructions also read that I should do a test strand before colouring all of your hair to make sure I liked the colour. Did I do this? Nope. But I recommend that you should – don’t be as hasty as me!


The leaflet had instructions for three different applications, depending on the type of look you wanted to go for. Full Head look, Ombre look and the Highlights look. I wanted to be Nicola Hughes so I decided to go for the full head look. I squeezed the colour directly on my gloves and started from my roots like I usually would. 


I thanked my past self for buying two tubes of dye as I started to quickly run out of the first tube.



I saturated my hair in product and read how long I should keep it on for.

For pastel pink, it suggested 15 minutes. For vibrant pink, 20 minutes and 30 minutes for an even brighter colour.


Originally, I wanted to go for a pastel pink but I got distracted watching Suits and may have possibly left it on for a little longer than suggested… Like, I’m talking longer than the suggested time for vibrant pink… Whoops.


I would also recommend that you make sure to set an alarm for the amount of time you’ve chosen. I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t even be doing reviews LOL. ‘What NOT to do when dying your hair pink!’

Oh well, I’ve come this far.


Still wearing my gloves, I jumped in the shower to rinse it off. I couldn’t find any information on whether or not I should shampoo my hair. But I did it anyway. Again, another reason why I probably shouldn’t be doing reviews. Live and learn.


The mask is already so conditioning, so you don’t need to use conditioner.

I rinsed my hair until the water ran clear, jumped out, got dressed (well, into my pyjamas to finish off that episode of Suits) and dried my hair.




Admittedly, I did start to think ‘ohhh nooooo…. Should’ve followed the instructions like a good girl…’ as I started to see that my hair was in fact, bright pink. 

*Flower placed for your protection*


I didn’t have any makeup on so when I looked in the mirror, I thought ‘Ewww, who is this pink haired monster in my mirror?!’ I decided to style my hair as normal and I started to look less scary. It was growing on me (pun not intended).



I called my mum in and she sort of gave me this look: 


She managed to mutter out the words ‘It’s very pink!’ True. To my surprise, she followed with; ‘But I like it!’


I couldn’t tell if she was just saying that to make me feel better about my candyfloss hair, so I called in my 8 year old sister to see what she thought. Everyone knows that kids are brutally honest about absolutely everything.



‘Hey Lana, do you like my hair?’







Okaaaaaaaaaay. This is the moment I was sure that I had ruined my life for the next 1-2 weeks. Great.



I just got in to bed to forget about all my problems and finish that episode of Suits I’ve been talking about.



The next day, I got up and got ready for work. Yup, I went in to the office with bright pink hair. I was thinking that HR would have a field day – but everyone loved it!


I asked my little sister before I left what she thought of it again. This time, she responded with ‘Nice.’  



Isn’t it funny how she hated it when I had no makeup on, and now that I had makeup on – she was OK with it. Says a lot really. Kids. Brutally honest.


Everyone I came across seemed to genuinely like it and told me that I should dye it pink permanently. At this point, I am considering it. Maybe after I finish working here in September, I don’t think the office is ready for a permanent pink head! 



The colour was pretty even all over. Beforehand my hair was slightly lighter in parts so the pink colour took to it a little better. Obviously, I have blonde hair so I knew that the colour would show up well – but I’m not too sure about how it would show up in darker hair. 

The only drawback I have would be that it wasn’t too easy to wash out. I could still see a tinge of pink after about 3/4 washes, so just be prepared to use those arm muscles!  


Overall, I’d definitely recommend this product if you’re afraid of commitment like me and want to try out a new hair colour. They have a range of shades; blue, green, grey, purple – the whole rainbow! Perfect for festival season.  


You can purchase them in store at Gordons Chemists for just £5.99 :) 


PS. Finally finished that episode of Suits.