Our review of New Sublime Bronze Self Tan Elixir:


Want a Natural-Looking Self Tan? One that lasts for up to 2 Weeks? 


Introducing Sublime Bronze Self Tan Elixir: an innovation in self tan from L'Oreal Paris. It's a really natural looking self tan elixir that lasts for up to 2 weeks!


Here at Gordons, we couldn't believe it when L'Oreal told us they had a new wonder self-tan coming out! We were told that it looked really natural and even, that it didn't smell like a self-tan, and that we'd enjoy the results for up to 2 weeks! 

We were curious when new Sublime Bronze Self Tan Elixir arrived. Keen to see if it did what L'Oreal had told us it would, we tried it. And we loved it! 

In order to trial this new self tan ourselves, we asked four ladies in our office to trial this themselves. We'd no trouble getting volunteers for this, and we're delighted to say that the results were even better than we could have hoped for! 


We trialed this new Self Tan Elixir from Sublime Bronze.


This new Sublime Bronze Self Tan Elixir gives a smooth and even looking tan. It gives a really natural colour, and even as it starts to fade, it still looks even. And it really does last - we're still enjoying a golden look a week and a half after we applied it! 

L'Oreal say that it features a highly concentrated formula and that this works to lock in a natural looking tan. To apply it, you simply apply it to your face and body on 3 consecutive days. It feels really smooth and it's easy to apply - it also dries quickly and it's not sticky. It dries in evenly as well so that there aren't any of those dreaded self tan streaks! 

We tried Sublime Bronze Self Tan Elixir with a few people in our office - four willing volunteers with skin tones ranging from very fair to quite dark. All the people that tried it were delighted with their look! We've had no 'orange' tans and no streaks, and even though you are supposed to apply it for three consecutive days, most of us were happy with the result after the first day.

And, as a nice bonus, it left our skin feeling smooth and soft - as if we'd moisturised. This isn't so important with a self tan, but it was a nice surprise!

All in all, we're definitely fans of this new Sublime Bronze Self Tan Elixir. At the end of the day, all we really hope for in a self tan is a nice looking colour that isn't streaky, and that it lasts for a while. With this, general concensus is that we've found something that ticks all these boxes - and gives a bit more!

This Sublime Bronze Self Tan Elixir gave all of the volunteers in our office a tan that they liked the look of. It wasn't an orange colour - rather it gave a golden looking glow. It looks natural and isn't streaky, and because we followed the 'three applications' instructions, it seems to have really lasted. 

It's a bonus that it doesn't smell like a fake tan does, and that it makes your skin feel nice and soft as well. 


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