It is that time of year for us girls to reveal our dream legs. Everyone has dreamed of flawless legs with an even coverage.

I have found all of the above in the new L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Dream legs.  This new product is an instant perfecting tan that cares for your skin and easily washes off. It comes in a cream format and it was very easy to apply, leaving my legs moisturised, and the fact that it didn't rub off onto my clothes was an added benefit.


I would describe this product as a make up for your legs.  I found it provided a great coverage, even for those blemishes and birth marks which I have on my legs. It really is a beautiful balm for your legs.

The number of comments I received on how beautiful and flawless my legs looked was outstanding. Some people even thought I was wearing skin coloured tights! So not only is it a makeup but I would describe it as tights in a tube and at only £6.69 these benefits are worth this price tag.

I would definitely recommend L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Dream legs for anyone wanting flawless legs in an instant without the hassle of the process of applying self tan.  I trialled the fair to medium variant and I found the colour was adequate as I do prefer a darker tan; I was able to build it up to my desired colour. This product would definitely be suitable for all skin types.

From the pictures below you can certainly see the success of this wash-off tan with an even and natural coverage. Overall this is one product that I will be relying on this summertime!