What better way to brighten up a cold winter’s morning than using the bright and colourful Lottie Make-Up Brushes.  The Lottie London range of brushes will definitely catch your eye when browsing the range of make-up brushes on display.




Not only are they pretty to look at, but they are such good value for money. 





Now we have picked our top three brushes from this collection (this was a tough decision) …



Powder Power Brush

Personally after trying the brushes shown above, my absolute favourite was the Powder Power Brush.




The bristles are super soft and having sensitive skin this is a must have for me.  Certain brushes can tend to irritate my skin, but this brush is so dreamy.  It is definitely a staple in my make-up brush collection.    



The Queen Contour Brush

Who doesn’t want chiselled cheek bones to rival a certain Kardashian? Well the Contour Queen Brush will help with that particular goal.


Lottie London Contour Queen Brush


The stiff, dense bristles in this brush allow you to neatly sculpt and create some serious cheek shadows. This particular brush is perfect for applying a cream contour and blending out your choice of powder contour. 


 The Conceal It Brush

It's all about the brows! And this particular concealer brush from Lottie London is the perfect fit for carving out 'on fleek' brows and highlighting the brow bone. 

Image result for conceal it brush lottie london 

 This brush is also perfect for applying concealer under the eyes. The bristles are very soft, which helps to spread and blend concealer under your eyes without tugging and disturbing the delicate skin of the under eye area too much.