Unfortunately, this is going to be one of my last blog posts reviewing products, because my year at Gordons ends this week. But what better products for my last review than these?!?!


Personally, I have seen Madison Makeup on a lot of Instagram pages that I follow, and it looks AMAZING! I’ve finally been able to get my eager little hands on a few of their palettes to see what I think!


I have to admit, the palette I was most excited to try out was their infamous Berry Bold eyeshadow and highlight palette – and boy, it didn’t disappoint! I’m a massive fan of pink and orange tones on the eyes so this was just a dream to look at.


This palette includes 14 shades that consist of highlighters and shadows – light, neutral and berry tones. The berry tones catch your eye immediately and with the growing trend of bright coloured eyes, you're sure to stand out.

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I love a good burnt orange shade and I don’t think a palette is completed without it - good thing Madison have us covered! Their ‘Burnt’ shade is a clear winner in this palette, it stands out straight away and is a perfect base to build the berry shades on top for extra pigment.


‘Berry’ and ‘Scarlett’ are quite similar, but when paired together you’ll get the perfect combination of berry-liciousness! *drool*


You can go either way with this palette – brown smokey eye or add a pop of bright pink. What more could you want from a palette? I’ll tell ya – highlighters! And guess what? The Berry Bold palette has that too!


And not just one highlight shade – it has 4! YEP. FOUR.






They range from a bright white to champagne pink, with a yellow/gold and baby pink in between. All 4 shades are so pigmented and pop when you add them with a tapered brush to the cheekbones. I like to dampen my brush with some setting spray to make the highlighter extra intense – especially on the inner corner of the eye.


As much as I’d want to keep talking about how amazing this palette is – I have to give homage to the 2 other as equally amazing palettes from Madison.


They also have a cream contour kit which has 8 shades - 6 cream sculpting shades, 1 cream radiance highlighter & 1 powder coral blush.

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Now, I’m personally not a fan of cream contour because I just can’t seem to make it not look like I’ve smeared muck all over my face. BUTTTTT I have to say that after trying their contour shades that it blended out seamlessly and did not look cakey at all! The consistency was so creamy and was so easy to blend into my base. PLEASE DO NOT add cream products on top of powder (aka if you’ve already set your face) – unless you want to have cakey makeup!


The powder blush is also gorgeous – I like my blushes to have a little bit of sparkle in it and this one is laced with gold pigment. Yes, it is as nice as it sounds. It’s so finely milled so it blends effortlessly into the skin!


I would definitely recommend this palette as it has a range of colours that you can choose depending on your skin tone or what kind of look you want to go for. 


Blendable = check 

Creamy = check 

Cakey makeup = NOPE! 


The last palette I got the absolute pleasure of reviewing was their highlight palette. Ohhhh myyyy daaayyyyss!!


When I tell you I love this palette, I mean I LOVE IT! I’m a highlight queen and I can’t go anywhere without glowing to the gods so this palette was just a dream come true for me. With 8 shades you have so much choice! This palette is called the ‘Cityglam’ palette which I love – it has 6 universally flattering highlighters that have both metallic and duo chrome finishes. The6 highlight shades are named after some of the most iconic cities in the world – which is, funnily enough, ICONIC!!


Related image


Rome: Pale gold

Monaco: Baby pink

Venice: Tangerine with a hint of gold

Cannes: Champagne

Vienna: Pink with a hint of gold

St. Tropez: Metallic rose gold  


This palette also has a blusher and a bronzer shade. The blusher shade is similar, if not the same to the blush in the contour palette but the added bonus is the bronzer shade! It’s a warm toned shade so perfect for warming up your complexion if you’re going for that sunkissed look – and paired with any of the highlight shades makes the dreamiest combination.


I’m so so happy that I discovered this brand – number 1: because it’s an Irish brand and number 2: because the products are actually FAB!


I can say with 100% certainty that each of these palettes will be a staple in my makeup bag from now on. I’ve used at least one of them every day since I’ve received them, and I’ll continue to do so! 


Well done Madison, keep making waves in the beauty world!


You can purchase the range in store at Gordons Chemists.