The £2.7million campaign will be displayed on TV, online and posters until February.  The hard hitting campaign features people smoking a cigarette that starts bulging with a tumour.  The campaign will focus on the fact that smoking 15 cigarettes can cause a mutation that can lead to cancerous tumours.  The campaign has been backed by a number of well-respected sources including Cancer Research UK.

It has been proven that smoking causes at least 14 different types of cancer, so if you are a smoker the best that you can do for your health is to stop.  At Gordons Chemists we provide multiple aids to try and help you to stop smoking.  You can purchase some of these products online or by visiting one of our stores where you can speak to one our highly professional pharmacists about which product will be best for you in your aim to stop smoking

Please note that this video is graphic and may not be suitable for everyone.



The main aim of this hard hitting campaign is to encourage people to try and stop smoking and to try and prevent people from starting in the first place. 

To find out more about the campaign click here.


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