New York Crackle is this seasons must have nail varnish, exclusive to Gordon's Direct!  Apply a single coat of New York Crackle over a base colour, and watch the magic unravel before your eyes! 


How to Apply

1. Paint your nails with a coloured nail varnish of your choice, if you choose a contrasting base colour the better it will look.

2. Apply New York Crackle over the top layer and watch it work!  The thinner you apply the crackle nail varnish the more cracks you will have.

3. Let it dry, the longer you wait the better!  Then apply a top coat of clear nail varnish to seal it.

4. Be amazed at your new look!

Using New York Crackle will update your look instantly and give you the best nail designs EVER!!  For only £2.99 and four shades to try from, why not give this new craze a go?


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