A new year means a fresh start, time to try something new... like a chic new manicure!

As ever, nude nails are perfect for a versatile, chic look and they can be worn with all manner of different outfits. Not only that, they help make both your fingers and your nails appear longer AND chips and scratches are much less obvious than when you're wearing a darker polish.

One of our favourite ways to wear nude polish is in a gradient design - starting with a light polish on the little finger nail and working through darker nude shades right through your fingers, all the way to the thumb.

It's a simple manicure to recreate and it won't take as much time as you think!

You'll need:

Five different nudes shades; 
Base Coat;
Top Coat;
A hairdryer (but this is only necessary if you're in a rush!)

Step One

As always when applying nail colour, you should start with a protective base coat. Not only is this good for your nails, but it will also give you a smooth base to work with - this helps your colour stay on longer! 

Step Two

Next, apply two coats of the lightest nude on your little fingernail and then do the same with increasingly darker shades on the rest of your fingers. Two coats is essential for good coverage, and it will help your manicure appear more polished.

Step three

Once all the nude polishes are dry, apply a glossy top coat to protect your manicure and to give it a high-shine finish.

And you're done!


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