So who out there wants a flat tummy in one week? Sounds too good to be true? Well let us introduce you to your new must have!!

Abdominal bloating affects 1 in 5 people on a regular basis, and can be caused by sluggish bowels, trapped wind, food intolerances, over-eating and PMT.


If you want to fight that awkward bloat, keep reading…

OptiBac probiotics

How it works?


‘One Week Flat’ is a supplement (not to be taken instead of food – no starving yourself here!) which contains natural bacteria (live cultures) in a powdered form which can be taken daily for one week.  Unlike similar food supplements containing friendly natural bacteria, One Week Flat is free from added sugars and does not contain gluten. 


This one week course comes in seven separate sachets which should be dissolved in water and taken with food (preferably with breakfast).  One course is said to last up to three weeks and aids in naturally re-balancing your digestive system.


Anything that claims to aid my quest in achieving a flat stomach I will be first in line to give it a try, as after eating certain foods I get the dreaded food baby. I’m sure some of you can relate!


First good thing about this product is it is completely tasteless, and does not need a large amount of water to dissolve. Also if you schedule it with breakfast it sets you up for the day, and hopefully will be less likely to forget to take it.


I’m not going to lie, on the first two days of taking this course I didn’t feel overly different. On the third day, however, I had a slight over-indulgent day and instead of having the standard food baby, lethargic and guilty feeling, my stomach didn’t reach the same level of bloat and discomfort.  At first I was very confused as to how this happened, but I literally didn’t change my typical day to day routine other than taking OpticBac. 


For the above reason alone I would re-purchase this, but after completing my first week I genuinely felt less bloated! Now again, I’m not going to lie and say I’m walking round with a completely flat stomach, but I honestly feel better in myself and do not have the usual discomfort after eating.


If, like me, you’d do anything to achieve a flat stomach, I’d highly recommend you give this a try.


Buy in your local Gordons Chemists or online here.