The brand new release from Pantene Pro-V is the foam conditioner that will help to repair and protect hair without the added weight – leaving hair feeling beautiful, full of body and protected.


Did you know that 1 in 3 women in the UK have fine hair?


Fine hair is fragile and damages easily, so it needs conditioning and protection more than any other hair type.  Having fine hair can be very annoying and disheartening, some shampoos and conditioners even weigh the hair down – which emphasises the thinness of your hair.  



Pantene Pro V Foam Conditioner





The geniuses at Pantene have now created the most lightweight conditioner I have ever tried!  The Pantene Pro-V Air-Light In Shower Foam Conditioner has a super light, mousse-like texture that smells amazing!  Once applied the foam is completely absorbed by the hair, leaving no excess, bonus – this also means you use a lot less product. 



Pantene Pro V Foam Conditioner



So how does it work?


The foam contains conditioning ingredients mixed with bubble forming components which absorb deep inside the hair follicle. The bubbles in the foam expand once exposed to air, again, meaning you use less product! As someone who uses a lot more than the ‘recommended amount’ of conditioner, I can honestly say, a little foam goes a long way.  All you need is a palm sized amount!



Pantene Pro V Foam Conditioner




Your hair will be left knot free, easy to comb and super shiny – it also nourishes the hair and protects against day to day damage.




There are two different types of conditioner available in your local Gordons Chemists, depending on what your hair needs:


-          Extra Volume (this is the one I trialled and love!)


-          Colour Protect


So if you have fine/damaged hair that needs a root lifting boost then head to your local Gordons Chemists and pick up your chosen treatment conditioner.