Product Review:

Remington Titanium-X Flex & Pivot Rotary Electric Shaver R8150

We’ve sourced a fantastic deal on this men’s rotary (3 headed) electric shaver from Remington, so we thought it only fair to try it ourselves.

What Remington say:

When you are looking for the very best, closest dry shave then only the Remington R8150 Titanium-X Rotary Shaver will do. This premium shaver boasts innovative Flex & Pivot Technology which carefully follows the contours of your skin, sculpting around your face for the best results ever. Your skin will be left fuzz-free and irresistibly smooth.

4 advanced features combined to deliver extreme flexibility for a fast & close shave – even on the neck.

The fully flexing neck pivots automatically around the contours of the face for extra smooth results.

r8150 heads close-up

What we say:

Personally, I was excited by the 'Flex and Pivot' technology and various other patents that Remington has included with the R8150 model – mostly I was keen to find out if it gives the comfortable shave that Remington promise! Also, with any electric shaver, I wanted to find out more about the beard trimmer on the Remington R8150 – an important, yet often overlooked component.

After a week of testing this myself (a shave each morning Monday-Friday, and then tackling a 3 day growth again on Monday morning), I was very happy with the Remington R8150. My own razor is a fairly high-end Philips model, and I found this rival from Remington to be every bit as fast, close and comfortable. The heads on the razor are designed to flex and pivot in whatever direction necessary, to shave along the contours of your neck and jaw line. The 3 heads move independently of each other which makes shaving even tight areas around the jaw easy.

One point to note – as with any electric shaver - don't press too hard under the chin and neck. The Remington R8150 razor shaves very close and could potentially cause some shaving rash after you shave (this is very easily avoided however by shaving with light, circular motions and not pressing too hard). The shave it gave was close and even after a weekend without shaving, I had no difficulty.

This mains and rechargeable shaver from Remington is dry shave only, so it can't be used in the shower (unlike some of the current models from Philips). I realise however that only a small proportion of users will take their electric shaver into the shower, and even less will use it accompanied by shaving gel, so overall I don’t see this as too much of a negative.

I charged this razor for a few hours before I first used it, and so far I have not charged it again (one week’s use). Battery life is therefore on a par with the various ‘top’ shavers that are available.

The pop-trimmer on the back of the Remington R8150 was as adequate as any model that I’ve used or tested. Bar sideburns, I don’t have any facial hair. The pop-up trimmer however was perfectly suited to keeping these straight.

Visually (not the most important feature, but for many it is important), this razor looks the part. It’s a stylish looking unit that will look smart in any chap’s bathroom. The LCD display is effective, but a little basic. It serves its purpose, but isn’t in the same league as some of its (albeit much, much more expensive) rivals.

Product Features:

  • Titanium Coated Blades, 300% harder than Steel Blades (compared to previous Remington models) for a long lasting, exceptional cutting performance;
  • 3 Independent Floating Heads adjust to the contours of your face;
  • Multi–directional pivoting neck pivots freely to adjust to your face even around your neck, chin and jaw line;
  • Dual Track heads;
  • Pop up trimmer;
  • Washable;
  • Mains/rechargeable;
  • 90 mins charging time;
  • 5 mins quick charge;
  • Up to 60 mins usage time;
  • LCD display;
  • Universal voltage;
  • Travel pouch.


As good an electric razor as you will find, for the money. There are models that sell for 2-3 times the price of this razor that don’t shave as well. This delivers a great shave, isn’t likely to irritate (unless you press too hard), and is quick and convenient to use/clean/charge, etc.

It’s not in the same league when it comes to the add-ons as the very top-of-the-range electric razors that are currently on sale – no flashing LEDs, no self-cleaning etc – and it can’t be used in the shower.

But if these ‘extra’s aren’t something you deem as necessary in an electric razor, you simply can’t go wrong with the Remington R8150.  



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