Tried & Tested - we've got our hands on the new fragrance for him from Michael Kors - For Men Eau de Toilette


Michael Kors designs handbags and watches that we adore. When a new one appears on the arm or wrist of someone in our office, we get excited. And a tad envious. And so when we heard that a new fragrance for men was being sent to us to sample it for ourselves, we were intrigued... 


Michael Kors For Men Eau de Toilette: one for our better halves, or a perfect gift for Dad? 


New Michael Kors For Men Eau de Toilette


It's that time of year when we're focusing on something for Father’s Day… Look no further! In our opinion, there's no need to look past this masculine new men's fragrance from Michael Kors!


To start with our first impression - the bottle is highly appealing and stylish looking, and really creates a sense that the offering is of a high quality. First impressions are massively important - particularly with something like a fragrance ("the first scent is with your eyes") - and in this case the quality speaks for itself. The modern yet classic, sophisticated look helps to create the feeling that this fragrance is very high caliber and the bottle feels like it's been made out of the very best materials.


 Michael Kors Man is a sophisticated new men's fragrance that gives an overall impression of the highest quality


The fragrance is available as an Eau de Toilette spray. Bring your dad or better half into the 21st century by giving him the same fragrance experience that we ladies get - rather than an awkward aftershave splash!


To get the opinions of a few different people, we've sprayed this fragrance on a few of the guys and several male visitors around the office over the past week or so, and the feedback we've been receiving is all very positive!


When it's sprayed on, to start with you can smell the dried spices and bergamot notes which create a decidedly masculine essence. 


Like any fragrance, as this settles it becomes even more pleasant and it improves into a really lovely manly scent that we think will suit almost everyone. We can assure the prospective buyer that this it's suitable for all ages of men - one of our team found it perrfect for both her fiancé (in his 30’s) and also her dad (in his 60’s)!


It's an all-round fragrance that's suitable for any of our lovely dads this Father’s Day! 


It's wonderful to have a sophisticated men's fragrance from the well known designer. And it's not a crazy price either - at only £40.00 for 40ml and £50.00 for 70ml it will most certainly be money well spent on a man’s fragrance this Father’s Day,


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


 Michael Kors for Men - we've tried it and we love it!