Rimmel 1000 kisses

1000 Kisses Lip Tint gives your lips a royal flush of intense, vibrant colour that stays on duty and ready for action for hours - leaving no trace, so your kisses never tell.”

I personally have never tried a lip tint before so I was keen to give this a go as re-applying lipstick when you are out can get a bit tedious.  The first thing that catches your eye is the packaging.  I had it in my head that lip tint came in the same bottle as liquid eyeliner or an ink pot, but Rimmel Lip Tint 1000 Kisses looks like a felt tip.

 Rimmel 1000 kisses

 I decided that Perpetual Plum would be the best shade for me (shown above), however it does come in many other colours.  At one end of the pen is the actual lip tint and the other end is the clear lip balm.  I applied the lip tint first of all, which was very easy to do.  I was a bit afraid that it would run all over the place or would be really dark, but it went on very easily.  After applying the tint around my lips I then filled in the rest.  At first my lips were incredibly dry so you couldn’t use it without the lip balm at the other end, but once I applied the balm it was perfect.

I was very pleased with the outcome; I even tried drinking and eating with it on and it didn’t budge, no need to re-apply like you need to do with lipstick.

If you like to have some colour on your lips but are getting fed up with having to carry your lipstick with you then I would definitely recommend trying this lip tint, you won’t be disappointed.


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