Sally Hansen

Having beautiful nails isn't as easy as some people make it out to  be.  They need constant attention, especially if you like to keep them painted.  There is nothing worse than chipped and broken nails......

Sally Hansen have some BRILLIANT tips on how to keep you nails looking beautiful:

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To ensure even coverage, start by wiping any excess polish from the brush on the inner rim of the bottle.




 Dip the entire nail in nail polish remover, then smooth over the chipped area with the pad of your index finger on the other hand.  Then finish off with a layer of your favourite Sally Hansen top coat to seal the nail colour.


3. Rescuing Old Polish

Just pour a few drops of remover into the nail polish bottle, put the cap back on and shake.   Add a little more polish remover to the polish if needed to attain the desired consistency.


4. Repair a Painful Break

If you have broken a nail past your fingertip, don't fret.  Simply create a "patch" that will hold you over.  Cut the film of a tea bag slightly longer than the break  Next, apply a layer of base coat to the nail and place the tea bag strip over the break.    Then all you have to do is apply your favourite top coat to seal it.



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