So here it is... My last ever day working in Gordons Chemists HQ!


After 14 months of coming in here every weekday, it sounds kind of strange that this is my official last day!


For those of you who didn’t read my very first introduction blog – my name is Ciara De Carteret and I was (‘was’ cry) completing my placement year with Gordons Chemists working as their Marketing Assistant. Throughout my time here, I’ve been writing blogs on some fun and exciting products that Gordons sell in store or online – I dunno, you might have read a few.. If not, well – WHY?!


Lol just kidding, but if you fancy some light reading then you can of course have a look back on my year of testing and reviewing products.


Be warned - some may involve bright pink hair and snail secretion.


See, fun and exciting!


Anyway, as I formally said hello on here – I thought it would only be fitting to pop on and formally say goodbye.


I came to Gordons to get work experience for a year and I’m leaving with a lot more than that. If you or anyone you know is studying a business/marketing course and is looking for some work experience, I couldn’t recommend Gordons Chemists enough.


People often say that it’s the people you work with that can make or break your time there, and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that this is not something you need to worry about. Every single person I have come across in this company has made my time here so much better – the most welcoming and kind people fill the offices and our stores. And obviously everyone is full of good craic (well, maybe not so much on a Monday morning.) I just feel sorry for them now that the life of the party is gone (just kidding!)

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The opportunities that I’ve been given from working here have been insane and made my placement year SO worthwhile. You’re guaranteed to get great work experience with Gordons Chemists.


I came here feeling so insecure and unsure of my abilities and I’m leaving feeling confident and proud of what I’ve accomplished! I have learned so much about the industry and myself and I’m ready to head back to university and get me that first class honours degree (OK let’s not be TOO confident Ciara...) 


So right now, I’m off to party my size 4 socks off at Electric Picnic, then I’m off to New York Fashion Week *eeeek* and THEN back to university to finish this degree! (I’m trying to fit in as much as I possibly can before I lose my social life to the library for the next year)


I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of our followers on here for all of the support you’ve shown my blog posts throughout the year! (Your comments and likes have made me look good in the office so special thanks for that)


If you liked my blog posts enough *fingers crossed* you can stay up to date with me over on my Instagram or on my website where I’ll continue to review products!





Wish me luck!


Signing off for the last time,

 Ciara xx