The below post was written by a member of staff who is trialling the SensatioNail Gel Polish Starter Kit:

"It's true, us girls LOVE having our nails painted, but it is a rare occasion when I get them painted to perfection, and even on that rare occasion, it doesn't take long for them to chip!

That is why I absolutely love going to the salon for gelish or shellac, but at £20 a pop, it can soon become quite expensive.  However,  I have just been shown the SensatioNail Invincible Nail Gel Polish Starter Kit and for £64.99 it could signal the end of smudged/chipped nail varnish for me.



When I first saw the price (£64.99) I was a bit put off as it seems a bit expensive, but the more I thought about it, after 3/4 goes it will have paid for itself as it was costing me nearly £20 a time at the salon.  However, the real question is...Does it actually work, and have the same results? 

Well, I am taking it home for a trial run this weekend, so I will be able to answer that question next week.  Let's hope it is a yes because it will end the hassle for me!"


Below is a video that shows how to use SensatioNail Gel Polish Kit:



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