So… I’m sure by now just about everyone knows about Irish blogger Suzanne Jackson (So Sue Me), she has a massive following and has achieved huge success over the past few years.  Earlier this year Suzanne launched her very first ‘Complete Contour Palette’, obviously this was massively exciting news for any fan of SoSueMe and the collection (that was meant to last two weeks) sold out in sixteen hours! Each time it was restocked it sold out again, so it is highly in demand.



Therefore we at Gordons Chemists are delighted to announce that the So Sue Me Complete Contour Palette will be available in a store near you (and online) YAY! – Girls get your hands on this palette asap!





SoSueMe Complete Contour Palette





Naturally, as soon as we got stock in I had to purchase one…  Once I got it home and out of the packaging and beautiful sleeve, I started to wonder if it was maybe going to be one of those hyped up, over-rated products? But I was wrong…



At first glance the palette is very professional looking and after I tried a few shades I realised each colour and formulation is extremely pigmented.   It is stated that the palette is cruelty-free, paraben-free and is clinically tested.



Now some people, once they buy this palette, do not understand how to use it (let’s face it contouring is tricky work) but do not let the dark shades scare you. There is a step by step guide on the inside cover, and tips on how to use it.  If you still are feeling a bit uneasy, we are going to have a full review and guide below…





SoSueMe Complete Contour Palette





The palette has three cream shades (light, medium and dark), a cream highlight and two powder shades (one light and one dark).  Suzanne has previously stated that these colours are suitable for all skin types.  





SoSueMe Complete Contour Palette






First of all we will break down the uses for each shade.



Shade 1 – Cream concealer (used to make an area of the face stand out)


Shade 2 – Cream contour (creating a shadow to slim the face)


Shade 3 – A powder that is great for setting the areas you applied Shade 1.


Shade 4 – This is a multi-use cream shade – you can use this as a contour (for fair skin or day time look) a concealer/highlighter or a                                foundation for all over coverage.


Shade 5 – Cream iridescent highlighter (to create a glow)


Shade 6 – A powder to set the areas you applied shade 2 or 4




When you begin to apply the cream shades you will instantly notice how creamy and easily blended they are, especially if you use a brush…



I used the Real Techniques Core Collection- Pictured below, which includes:



-          Detailer brush – highlighting small areas of the face


-          Pointed Foundation brush- lighter cream and powder shades


-          Buffing brush – highlight larger areas


-          Contour Brush – Darker cream and powder shades



Real Techniques Core Collection   

    Real Techniques Core Collection




Before applying anything from this palette please ensure you have primed your face and applied your foundation (although Suzanne has stated that you can use shade 1 or 4 as a foundation, if they colour match your skin).



Step one

Take your RT Expert Face brush and apply shade 2 (you can use shade 4 if you are nervous of the dark Shade 2) under your cheek bones, along the hairline (very close to the hairline), underneath/along your jawline and (if you wish) down each side of your nose. This is the cream contour stage to create the illusion of a slimmer face, chiselled check bones and slimmer nose.



Step two

Take your Pointed Foundation brush and apply Shade 1 or 4 (again depending on your skin tone & preference) on the areas you wish to highlight/standout.  For example; apply under the eyes (a triangle shape down beside the nose and towards the outer corner of the brow), small triangle on the centre of your forehead, down the centre of your nose, on your cupids bow and centre of the chin.



Step three

Next take your Expert Face brush and apply shade 6 where you applied step one, this is to set the contour colours and blend to create a more natural look, and ensure your contour stays put all day.

Next use your Pointer Foundation brush and apply Shade 3 on top of the areas you applied the lighter shades in, to set the highlight and ensure it lasts.



Step four

Lastly is the highlighting stage, for the precision areas use your Detailer brush, and apply shade 5 to the cupids bow, tear duct, down the centre of the nose and below the brow bone to highlight these areas, then take the Buffing brush and gently apply shade 5 to the top of your cheek bones (be careful not to pack the product on too heavy).




There you have it!! You are contoured and highlighted to perfection.



For a tutorial by Suzanne Jackson herself on how to use the ‘Complete Contour Palette’ using a blending sponge please scroll down for a video. 



SoSueMe Complete Contour Palette