It seems that everyone’s winter blues are beginning to kick in a little earlier this year after having such a great summer. Maybe we all just got a little too used to having some sun for a change.

So now that your sun tan has faded we have the perfect solution to keeping your skin glowing… St. Moriz it!  The salon quality tan is guaranteed to help get you through the dark and dull days expected this winter.

The range includes a tanning lotion, mist and mousse all available in dark and medium. There is also a bronzing body soufflé perfect for the finishing touches.


When tanning we recommend that you follow the St. Moriz prep, tan and maintain guidelines to achieve a flawless and natural looking glow!

If you’re unsure of which product to use take a look at the below to see which product the St. Moriz tanning experts would recommend for you.

  • The Lotion is ideal for dry and mature skin because of its moisturising formula,
  • The Mousse is well suited to people with oily and younger skin as it is light and easy to apply with a dryer formula
  • The Mist is perfect for normal skin types and regular tanners with a good application method

In order to achieve a flawless, professional looking tan we suggest you follow these important guidelines:


  • Please ensure you exfoliate and moisturise in the run up to tanning
  • Shave your legs at least 24 hours before you tan (we find conditioner works really well)
  • Before you tan ensure you have removed any make-up, deodorant, perfume and creams



  • Before you begin tanning, apply a little non-oily cream to your elbows, wrists, knees and ankles
  • If you get dry hands also apply a little to your fingers and knuckles
  • Before opening the bottle ensure you shake it well
  • Apply a small amount of tan onto the St. Moriz tanning applicator mitt (it will prevent you from getting stained palms and help get an even coverage)
  • Apply evenly in a circular motion focusing on one section at a time (we always start with our legs)
  • After finishing each leg use what’s left on the mitt to apply to the feet
  • Work up the body and arms finishing with the face and hands (once again using what’s left on the mitt)
  • Ensure you slightly bend fingers so that the knuckles have an even coverage, tilt back your head and ensure you have blended in the tan well on your neck and face
  • Wait a few minutes for tan to dry before dressing (we always wear dark, loose clothing so our tan doesn’t rub off)
  • Allow 4-6 hours for the tan to develop (we usually leave it overnight) then shower to remove the bronzed tanning guide



  • Once you’re beautifully bronzed, moisturise daily so you can keep your glow on show
  • On the 3rd or 4th day lightly exfoliate to remove any build up
  • Continue moisturising and if necessary top up your tan during the week for a deeper shade


You can purchase any of the St. Moriz products mentioned from any of your local Gordons stores or online.


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