Rimmels top tips for applying the new Sun Shimmer in-shower tan
Rimmel In Shower Tan
1 . Make sure to shave , exfoliate and moisturise 24 hours before you apply your tan!
2. Dry brush your body before you get into the shower to help remove dead skin cells, this will give you a smoother application.
3. When using shower gel, ensure that it is fully rinsed off before you apply the In-Shower Self Tan.
4. Make sure that your hair isn't dripping onto your body while you apply the product. Tie up your hair or use a shower cap.
5. Ensure to rub the product on evenly all over your body and apply a very small amount onto your elbows, knees and ankles.  (These are the places where our skin is most dry and are most likely to become patchy.)
6. After 1 minute, rinse the tan off ensuring not to rub harshly.
7. Use a mitt to apply the tan to avoid tanned palms and ensure to wash hand thoroughly after use.
8. Once you have rinsed the product off, pat yourself gently with a towel.
9. Ensure you allow it to fully dry until it soaks into skin , wear loose clothing to ensure the tan develops evenly.
10. The more you use the product, the more intense the colour. So if you want darker results then just apply more regularly.
Rimmel In Shower Tan
Rimmel In Shower Tan