Product Review: Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse

Rimmel London have launched a new Mousse to their Sunshimmer range.  This is the first self-tan bronzing mousse from Rimmel that gives your skin an instant colour and develops in an hour to give you a natural looking, streak free tan that lasts up to 7 days. 

We thought this needed to be put to the test and find out for ourselves if it really "does what it says on the bottle"!  Read what our 3 members of staff thought.


Charlotte's Review:

Rimmel has always been a much-loved brand of mine, so when asked to test their new Sun Shimmer self-tan mousse I couldn’t wait! The buzz about their new affordable tan over social media had me wondering if it was too good to be true. Firstly if you’re anything like me then you are constantly on the lookout for a safe and affordable way to achieve that bronzed summertime streak free glow and although many tan products like to promise this, not so many deliver!


One of the most important features in a tanning product for me is how fast it develops. It’s such a nuisance having to apply layer after layer days in a row just to achieve the tiniest bit of colour. It can feel so frustrating dealing with a high maintenance tan that frankly has poor results.


However, one of the first things I noticed when applying Rimmel’s lightweight mousse was how my skin tone changed to a deep golden colour almost instantaneously! The tan does promise to develop within one hour but I honestly was taken aback by the immediacy of the results. I was so thrilled and after only an hour my skin had darkened further and was developing into a really nice even glow. The colour was so naturally blended with my skin tone leaving it feeling silky, there’s nothing worse when you’re left with that tacky sticky texture of most tans. But with this one, my skin felt fresh and moisturised! It had that authentic glow about it, absolutely perfect for last minute nights out ladies. If you’re like myself and don’t like to plan things in advance, this product has always got you covered.


I was so impressed with the results of this tan I was worried if it would be a one night wonder or if it would last up to seven days promised on the bottle. But it certainly did stand the test of time; I was still looking sun-kissed even more than a week after! It’s so reliable and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to be brown all year round. After all life is so much better when you’re tanned! 

Stephanie's Review:


Doesn’t everything seem better when the sun is out? Get that added shimmer with the new Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse.


Everyone knows in the office I love my tan.  I am a true fan of the sunless tanning and willing to try new brands on themarket.  I am certainly not a fan of the ‘milk bottle’ look.  When I was asked to try the new Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse I have to say I was excited and was willing to experiment straight away.


It is that time of year when everyone is thinking about baring skin that has been hidden behind thick black tights and woolly jumpers for far too long and this means some work for us ladies is required to allow the skin to meet the sun, as a sunless tanner my first step is to ensure I have a streak less tan.


Everyone knows good preparation is key to a good tan.  I started exfoliating my skin with Palmers coco butter body scrub the night before I wanted to tan of course in time for the weekend.  My weekly routine of a Wednesday night exfoliate, Thursday night tan night remained the same to trial the Sunshimmer Mousse.  I trialled the medium matte mousse, as this was a mousse, applying the tan was very easy as the colour guide allowed you to see exactly where the tan was being applied and it dried in quickly.  I applied the mousse with the Glove Your Body Body Glove and was impressed with the first results, there were no unsightly streaks and the mousse fragrance was pleasant unlike the normal fake tan smells.


I do think it is best to allow your tan to develop overnight while sleeping and this is what I done with the mousse and by the morning I was very impressed with the results, I was able to wash off the guide colour and was left with a lovely base colour which suited my skin tone and did not have the unsightly ‘orange look’.  Overall I was pleased with the outcome.   It has now been three weeks since I first applied the mousse and have applied the mousse once a week since as it said on the bottle and I have to say it is one tan that I can honestly say I was able to use without a build-up of tan and creating the ‘crocodile’ look, everyone did comment how flawless and even my tan looked and with its special offer price of £5.35 for a bottle I will certainly be investing in this again to feel bronzed and beautiful.

Before Tanning:



After Tanning(Using Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse Medium Matte): 




Orlagh's Review:

I have to be truly honest and point out that I don’t tend to use fake tan that much, just the really rare special occasion.  It’s not that I have anything against fake tan; it’s more that fake tan tends to not like me, and I have tried many.  So when I was asked to try the new Sunshimmer Self Tan mousse I probably wasn't the most excited person.  I would love to have a natural looking tan all year round.  I have very pale skin (it could be compared to Casper the friendly ghost) and I have sensitive skin which means that I usually find it difficult to find a tan that will honestly give me that “natural glow” they all promise to deliver.


As my skin is very pale, I find that many fake tan products can give my skin the “orangey glow”, and they tend to react to my sensitive skin, leaving my skin very dry.  So when I was given a fake tan product to try, I wasn’t overly looking forward to the prospect of arriving into work the next day like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…but how wrong was I?


Most fake tans are usually described on the bottle as medium or dark.  I was thrilled that the Sunshimmer Mousse had a light colour only, and of course that was the shade I was going to pick. 


Saying that I was completely AMAZED with the results was an understatement. 


The Mousse glided on effortlessly to my skin, and provided an instant colour that you could see where it was applied.  Over time the tan developed, and the results were flawless.  I have eventually found a tan that literally gives me a ‘natural glow’.  I had tried the Sunshimmer Mousse over the Easter holidays (hoping to avoid the embarrassment of coming into work had the tan not went well) and we were lucky to have those few rare days when we have sunshine.  When I arrived into work, 4 days after applying the tan, everyone was mentioning how they noticed “I got a bit of sun”.  Now we had sunshine, but it was freezing…definitely not sunbathing weather.  When I told everyone it was the new Rimmel Sunshimmer Mousse, they were completely shocked.  They didn’t think a tan could look as natural, and clearly have lasted.  It states that the Sunshimmer Mousse lasts 3 weeks, when applied once weekly, and I can definitely agree with this statement. 


The colour was not drastic, and too dark that you would notice a major contrast, it was just natural.  Exactly the look I wanted, and can now achieve.  I have been using this product ever since, and I’m confessing that I may be becoming a ‘tanaholic’.  I’m not phased one bit, with the current offer of £5.35; it definitely is good value for money, especially when compared to some other tans.  Summer Essential at the ready!