I know at the sheer mention of Mineral Makeup some of you may already be like ‘oh nah girl – pass me the liquid goodness and buildable coverage’, but just hear me out…. I promise if you give this mineral makeup a go you will NOT be disappointed.


So when I first received the Fuschia Mineral Foundation I was a bit sceptical, I thought **Nicole, you’re all about mass amounts of coverage – this is not going to work** but sometimes (not often) I’ll admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong.


In order to provide an honest review I had to throw my high coverage makeup aside (not for good, I hope) and jump right into the mineral makeup life for one week.


I set myself a goal to try this for everyday for one week!! *eeeeek*



Fuschia Mineral Foundation



Firstly, check out the CUTE pots the foundation come in - so neat and well presented with a classic black lid, white logo on the top and the words “Mineral Magic” on the side of the pot (Well Done Fuschia, i'm in love).


I thought to myself this tiny pot is NEVER going to cover my entire face for a whole week, but boy was I wrong. (Again, *eye roll*)



Fuschia Mineral Foundation



The lovely people at Fuschia also included a GORGEOUS Rose Gold Buffer Brush (which I was very excited about) and two shades, Luscious and Toffee! At first glance I thought the Toffee shade would work on my tanning days and Luscious is good for a daytime/work makeup.


Armed with my brush, after moisturising and priming I prepared myself for the lack of coverage and cakey look I was expecting (yes I’m aware of how negative I sound, but just wait)….



Fuschia Mineral Foundation



The finely milled powder buffed easily into my skin and left a light –medium coverage behind, I was pleasantly surprised with the result, but as I previously stated I’m all about that coverage so I went in for a light second layer.


The adaptive nature of this mineral makeup means it warms to the skin and reacts with the natural oils in the skin to create a radiant, glowy finish, buildable coverage and a lightweight feel.



Fuschia Mineral Foundation



No cakey-ness just a beautiful healthy glow with enough coverage, now I’m not going to lie and say this would do me for a night out and replicate the ‘mass amounts of coverage’, but once again bear with me and I will get to that….


Now for all you coverage addicts out there time to unleash a beauty hack on you….


Once you have completed your skincare routine, put a tiny bit of liquid foundation (I’m not talking anything super thick or high coverage) think something lightweight and easily blended into the skin.


THEN take your Fuschia Mineral Foundation and in circular motions buff over the top carefully. Now take a step back and check out your flawless skin *heart eyes*.


You’re welcome.


Now, if anyone is still with me (and I hope you are) head to your local Gordons Chemists and choose your shade (there are 8) and experience the perfection that is Fuschia Mineral Magic Makeup  - Thank you to the lovely guys at Fuschia I'm officially a Mineral Makeup Convert!



Fuschia Mineral Foundation