Working in retail can be both good and bad in ways.  It’s good that we see all the new products coming in, and bad that we get so excited by quite a lot of new products that we can’t resist the temptation to buy… (I mean, can one girl ever have enough make-up)




One of these new products was Rimmel’s the ONLY 1 Lipstick.  Now I have to admit, not that long ago, a simple bit of lip gloss usually was the height of my lip makeup…not anymore!  It’s all about achieving fuller looking lips, and having the perfect pout. 


When I arrived into work and was greeted by a lovely little goodie bag from Rimmel…I was buzzing.  Not only did it have some beautiful shades of the new the ONLY 1 lipstick, it also had a glossy mag filled with top tips.




I couldn’t wait to get trying them out, the only problem I had, was choosing which shade to wear.  They are all so beautiful and the range definitely has a shade that will suit most looks.  When I first used this lipstick from Rimmel (a quick little application at my desk whilst no one was looking), I have to admit that I was shocked. Not only was the colour amazing but my lips actually felt really moisturised.  


The timing couldn’t be any more perfect…the winter weather mixed with central heating can dry your lips out, and by wearing this lipstick not only do you have amazing looking lips but they also feel silky smooth and moisturised.