Tanning Thursday has arrived so what better way to celebrate a Tanning Thursday than to introduce you all to a brand new LIFE SAVER- Lusso Tan.


Lusso Tan was created by the beauty specialists who run The Secret Day Spa in Belfast. They have worked to create a special 3 step ritual that is a major GAME CHANGER!!



‘FREE YOUR INNER GLOW isn’t just a tag line; it’s our ethos in life!’


Lusso tan is not only organic AND vegan but it leaves the skin feeling nourished and moisturised.


So let’s get down to business….



Step one – Primer


We need to start thinking of our skin on our body, the way we do the skin on our face, before adding foundation or tan we need to prep the skin. The primer is designed to plump, cleanse and condition your skin to give the ideal canvas for your tan! Be sure to pat your skin dry before applying your tan (Step two).



Lusso Primer






















Step two – Tan


Lusso tan have created two options of tan:


-      A super hydrating self-tanning lotion in shades – medium and dark (which are said to last for up to seven days)


-      The second option is the Lusso Tan Tinted Gradual Tan, a buildable lotion that can be used daily.



Both can be used on face and body. 


























Lusso Tan 1







I got to try the dark self-tanning lotion (because the darker the better, in my opinion) the consistency of this lotion is quite runny so beware! But as it is runny this means it is much easier to blend into the skin. Once I’d blended the lotion out I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the tan actually absorbed into my skin.




I could also notice a difference the primer makes instantly; the tan glided onto my skin (particularly around the elbows and ankles) and did not go patchy. There is an instant colour with this tan, which is great if you need to be tanned ASAP, but it also develops overnight.




So after showering off the excess tan I can honestly say I was extremely happy with the colour pay off, It was a beautiful natural (not too dark) glow that had me looking like I’d just came home for a two week holiday in the Bahamas! (I wish).




Lusso Tan 2




Step 3 – Finishing touch



Now time to enhance your glow, with the beautiful pot of shimmering gold dust with light reflecting particles. Now it is all down to personal preference as to where you choose to dust this amazing powder on your body, you can focus on the usual highlighted areas:


-          Cheekbones


-          Brow bone


-          Nose


-          Collarbone


-          Shoulders


-          Shins


-          OR, you can go mad and be a shimmer queen all over! 




Lusso tan Finishing Shimmer

















TopTip – Use a fluffy brush to sweep on larger areas such as legs/shins and use a smaller eyeshadow brush for facial highlighting.



If you are interested in ‘Freeing your Inner Glow’ head to your local Gordons Chemists and pick up this amazing 3 step routine.  





Lusso Tan