By now, we all know the importance of sun protection, right?



Then why are you still using the same sun protection products on the body and face (read on to find out why this is a mistake)???



Now that summer is approaching *fingers crossed* it’s the perfect time to understand the difference between facial sun care and body sun care...




Sun Protection




Shocking! i know.... But, facial sun creams are NOT just a marketing gimmick to encourage people to buy endless products (who knew), the formula in body sun creams are actually different to the sun protecion designed specifically for the face…



It is extremely common for women in the UK to use the same sun protection product for face and body, but if you think of sun protection as skincare, it might encourage you to buy a facial sun protection product.



Think of it this way… picture your favourite body lotion/moisturiser, it’s thick, creamy and luxurious texture is perfect for the skin on your body, but could you imagine slathering that on to your face? *I hope the answer to that was no!!*



So why expect the same treatment from sun protection?




sun protection





Facial sun creams are:


-          Designed to feel lighter on the skin

-          Non-greasy

-          Easily absorbed by the sensitive skin on the face, especially the eye area

-          Non-perfumed, so they do not cause irritation

-          Free from alcohol – again to avoid irritation

-          Formulated for different skin types (dry, oily, combination)

-          Perfect for wearing under your usual makeup routine, as they are super lightweight and fast absorbing.

-          Great when, preventing breakouts and acne build-up.




No need to hide your face under hats and parasols etc. just ensure you purchase the correct sun protection formula for your skins needs. 



Sun Protection





Always remember to apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before you go outside for the best skin protection!




Head to your local Gordons Chemists and pick up your favourite body sun protection AND facial skin protection and enjoy the sun on your face. 



Sun Protection