Viviscal have created a ‘Gorgeous Growth Densifying’ range that includes shampoo, conditioner and an Elixir, which promote the appearance of healthy hair and encourage growth.  Viviscal is dedicated to helping customers achieve thicker, fuller hair!  The award-winning, scientifically formulated, hair growth programme is developed by 25 years of research and development and many published clinical trials. Celebrity fans include Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Conrad, Rob Kardashian and many more, some have even stated that Viviscal is their secret hair weapon.



Lauren Conrad


The range is made up of Biotin, Keratin and Zinc to promote a healthy scalp, healthy hair and faster growth, Viviscal promise this blend of ingredients will give you gorgeous thick hair.



The shampoo gently refreshes and exfoliates the scalp to encourage hair growth, it also lathers really well, so a little goes a long way! The fragrance is really refreshing, but not over powering and ensures hair is kept fresh and beautiful all day long.



The conditioner contains Argon and Hazelnut Oils to hydrate hair follicles, encourage new hair growth and soften dry and damaged strands to create a fuller, thicker looking mane. I use the Elixir after every wash to tame stray hairs and keep frizz at bay, leaving my hair shiny, smooth and detangled.  



9 out of 10 customers said their hair appeared thicker and fuller after one week – I can agree with this and even say, although unlikely, I honestly think my hair feels thicker and more textured after each wash!  The body-boosting Elixir is extremely lightweight, it doesn’t make hair feel sticky or greasy, simply gives hair more volume.



Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Range


Why not give this trio a go and find out for yourself – because everyone deserves fabulous volumized hair!  



Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Range



Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Range