Former international rugby star and Dancing On Ice champion Kyran Bracken MBE visited Gordons Chemists this week to share how Viviscal has transformed his insecurity about hair loss.



Kyran says he was under stress as a sportsman which he feels attributed to his hair loss around the age of 25.  Nicknames such as Kojak and Cat Flap didn’t make losing his hair easy as he says; “I was paranoid about my hair loss.”

 He had a transplant in 2006 which worked to a certain extent but now he uses Viviscal Hair Loss Concealer Fibres which he describe as “pepper on your head” to make it look fuller.  He says that hair loss is the one thing that “sill makes me feel insecure about myself in terms of how I look.  It’s something that’s constantly on my mind.”



Kyran thinks that it’s become more acceptable for men to use cosmetics and treatments to improve their looks.  He said:  “A lot of men in the public eye, for example Wayne Rooney, are not as embarrassed to admit they have had a transplant, as they would have been a few years ago. They’re happy to accept that yes, I want to do something about my hair loss.  I think hair loss is the biggest hurdle most men have in their mid twenties (or sometimes before) – single or not single. Having hair maintains the way men look and feel and hair loss, certainly for me, was the biggest physical problem I experienced. But not everyone can even afford treatment or hair transplants, so, if there is something simple that really does help and work, people are going to try it”


For Kyran, hair loss affected his overall confidence.  He said:  “I think it’s really difficult for men who have lost or are losing their hair. The internal conversation you have with yourself about the way you look often becomes a negative one.  You look in the mirror and you see your hair is gone.  Then when you go out and meet people, you believe the first thing they notice is the fact that you’re balding.  Because you are!  Also, if say, you’re single, 31 and losing your hair, it could definitely make your confidence low which makes things hard when it comes to meeting a new partner. It affects how you feel about yourself and that will come across when socialising with people.


Kyran was introduced to the fibres during his triumph on Dancing On Ice, he said:  “Nobody likes to see themselves on TV. You tend to pick fault in the way you’re walking, or talking. You really pick up on the littlest things and criticise yourself for them. I was in front of 10 or 12 million people nationally on Dancing On Ice and when I watched the footage back, all I could see was these bald patches, which I hated. My hair stylist recommended I try the hair loss concealer fibres. The next week it was as if I had a full head of hair! It made me feel much better.”


The Viviscal range includes a supplement for men and women and Kyran says that he thinks hair loss is “definitely worse for women” and would “recommend they try them”.



Kyran uses Viviscal Hair Loss Concealer Fibres which can be used in conjunction with Viviscal supplements and hair care range to help prevent further hair loss.


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