I don’t know about you, but the first thing I think of when someone tells me they shave their eyebrows is something like this:



Not a great look…


So, when I heard that Wilkinson Sword were bringing out an eyebrow shaver (which is actually named ‘Eyebrow Shaper’… Presumably because the words eyebrow and shaver is a scary combination), all I could think about was Anne Hathaway’s hairless forehead. Haunting.


But, as I’m very open-minded and willing to try new things, I picked up the packet of 3 Eyebrow Shapers from my local Gordons Chemists. The lady at the till and I both shared a worried look as I purchased it – almost like she was saying a final goodbye to my eyebrows.  


The packet wasn’t as scary looking as I had anticipated. Pink. Pink is a friendly colour..


The packet contains 3 razors and an extra Precision Cover attachment for precise styling of eyebrows.


It was starting to sound a lot less daunting.

 Image result for wilkinson sword eyebrow shaper


I noticed that on the front of the packet, it said ‘Shapes eyebrows & exfoliates skin!’ along with an image of a lady shaving her face.

Now, this might make you a little more squeamish and nervous, but I have seen A LOT of top beauty bloggers shaving their face. Huda Beauty famously posted a video about her shaving her face, commenting on how it removes dead skin cells, makes her skin feel so much nicer and makeup apply smoother. All of which sounds very attractive to me.

The initial fear disappeared. If Huda Beauty can do it, I can do it!


I got home, got comfortable, and told my family not to disturb me. I didn’t want a situation like Georgia in Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging:



Thankfully, there are directions for use on the back of the packet.

Firstly, it tells me that if I need to soften my skin, apply lotion or shaving cream. My skin felt grand, so I just splashed a little water on my face.

Then, it directed me to pull my skin tight and gently glide the razor downwards, in the direction of hair growth. As I done this, I could almost feel the small hairs on my face being whisked away by the razor. I done this with basically my entire face and then patted it dry with a hand towel.

My skin felt AMAZING! I have never felt my skin this smooth before and the texture had basically disappeared. It felt exfoliated and almost looked and felt as smooth as glass. Buzzing.


Feeling enthusiastic, I moved on to the brows.

Anyone that knows me, knows that my eyebrows are my pride and joy. After over plucking them when I was 14 to get that Kim K arch, I am very hesitant to try anything different with them since they've grown back.

But here I am, potentially about to shave them all off.

 Related image

The instructions said to attached the Precision Cover lid if I was using it to shave my brows. This allowed me to have a more precise tool to work with as it covered a portion of the blade.

I hadn’t plucked my eyebrows in a few weeks, so I had some stray hairs above and below my brows. With the precision head, I was able to accurately remove them without having to go near my actual brow. This gave me such a clean and defined eyebrow – like I had gotten them tidied up professionally!


I can also confidently say that I noticed a massive difference when applying my makeup too. It went on like a dream and looked so seamless. I’m sure I got some funny looks in work because I couldn’t stop stroking my face!


I definitely recommend trying this out, and don’t worry about your hair growing back thicker and darker – I can confirm that this is just a myth!


You can purchase the Wilkinson Sword Eyebrow Shaper in your local Gordons Chemists stores or online here for just £1.99 until the 16th June!