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Below are listed the Terms & Conditions that are relevant to any order placed with Gordons Direct - please read these before placing an order with us. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us - for information on doing so please click here.

Terms & Conditions of Use: Gordons Direct

1. General

1.1 Gordons Direct is a website controlled and operated by N & R Gordon Ltd. Gordons Direct is a leading retailer of healthcare and cosmetic products in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

1.2 Gordons Direct is a trading name of N+R Gordon Ltd. Registered office: 74 Scarva Road, Banbridge, Co. Down, BT32 3QD, Northern Ireland. Company Registration Number: NI 45609. VAT number: 809823509.

1.3 Contracts made by you for purchases via are made with Gordons Direct. Gordons Direct welcomes consumer and commercial orders but reserves the right to refuse to accept any order at our discretion should we believe it compromises any arrangement we may have with our own suppliers.

1.4 You must be 18 years of age or older to use this site. Persons under the age of 18 years must only do so under the supervision of a parent/guardian. If you do not meet these requirements please do not use

1.5 Email is an acceptable form of long-distance communication and will be used primarily for communication between you and Gordons Direct.

1.6 No contract for sale of goods will exist between you and Gordons Direct until such point that Gordons Direct accepts your order. Your order represents an offer. When you place an order to purchase a product from, we will send you an initial email acknowledging receipt of your order and containing the details of your order. At this stage your order remains an ‘offer’ and no binding contract exists between you and Gordons Direct.

1.7 Acceptance of your order by Gordons Direct brings into existence a legally binding agreement between us. Acceptance is complete once Gordons Direct receives payment in full for the goods you have ordered. When your order is dispatched, we will send you a second email containing your invoice and confirmation that we have dispatched your order to you. This confirmation email will contain all relevant statutory information regarding your rights as a customer, relating to the contract you have entered into with Gordons Direct. It will also contain a link to these terms and conditions. Acceptance of contract will be deemed to have been effectively communicated to you at the time a confirmation email is sent (regardless of your receipt of such). All orders are subject to availability.

1.8. Gordons Direct advises that as soon as you receive any communication from us, you should print it and retain a copy for your records.

2. Your information

2.1 In accordance with our Privacy Policy your personal details will not be passed on to any 3rd party, other than for the purpose order fulfillment. Please view our Privacy Policy for further information.

2.2 All details provided by you must be correct. You agree that the credit/debit card you are using for payment is your own and is not being used fraudulently, and that there are sufficient funds to cover the transaction (including delivery costs). Any change in your personal details should be indicated to Gordons Direct by email to

2.3 It is a criminal offence to use a false name or invalid credit/debit card to order. Offenders will be prosecuted, and will be prohibited from using for the purposes of placing a future order.

2.4 At time of registration a customer will choose a username and password. A customer is responsible for all actions taken under their username. You should only use your own username and password to access – it is fraudulent to attempt to gain access to using another person’s username and password. We advise that you choose a secure password and change it regularly. Your password should not be obvious to any other person.

2.5 If you use the website, you are responsible for preventing unauthorised access to your account. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account. You should inform us immediately if you have any reason to believe that your password has become known to anyone else, or if the password is being, or is likely to be, used in an unauthorised manner.

3. Delivery information

3.1 Gordons Direct intend to deliver every order* within 3 normal working days** from the date of contract. Wherever possible Gordons Direct will endeavour to deliver to you within this timeframe. It is however possible that an order may be delayed, and should this occur Gordons Direct reserve the right to extend this delivery period up to a maximum period of 10 normal working days.

* Applicable to orders placed within United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland only; orders placed by customers outside of United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland should allow up to 28 working days for delivery of their order.

** The term 'normal working days' means Monday-Friday, excluding bank and legal holidays.

3.2 Failure to deliver your order within 10 working days constitutes a failure on the part of Gordons Direct to deliver to you the customer, and should this occur you have the right to cancel your order with a full refund. Please refer to our Delivery Information for more information. Please note that should our courier attempt to deliver an order within this stated timeframe, this constitutes us fulfilling our obligation to deliver within the stated timeframe. This refers only to delivery within the aforementioned timeframe, and does not refer to any other aspect of our performance of contract of sale. It does not affect your right to cancel your order as per section 4 of these Terms & Conditions - 'Order Cancellation & Return of Goods'.

3.3 The time period stated for order fulfillment is approximate only and Gordons Direct accepts no liability if we are unable to meet it due to acts of God, war, flood, fire, labour disputes, strikes, lock-outs, riots or civil commotion, malicious damage, explosion, governmental action or for any other reason beyond our control.

3.4 In the unlikely event that an item is out of stock and we are unable to fully complete your order, your order will be cancelled or part-fulfilled. If this situation occurs we will contact you by email and amend both your order and your payment accordingly. We will not place your order on back order.

3.5 Orders can only be delivered to Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Channel Islands, and the Republic of Ireland. As described in our Delivery Information, we reserve the right to add a surcharge for delivery to certain regions of the Scottish Islands and Highlands. We will in this instance contact you first to confirm your desire to proceed with your order. 

4. Order Cancellation & Return of Goods

4.1 An order may be cancelled upon request by email, up to but not including the point where its order status is 'Awaiting Dispatch'. From this point an order has entered our dispatch process, and cannot be cancelled until it has been received following delivery. Following receipt of goods the customer can cancel the contract between themselves and Gordons Direct by emailing in accordance with our Returns Policy. For further information please refer to our Returns Policy.

4.2 On cancellation of the contract of sale between yourself and Gordons Direct, Gordons Direct will endeavour to refund your credit/debit card the appropriate amount within 7 days, and not later than 30 days.

4.3 Responsibility for returning goods to Gordons Direct rests with you the customer.

Failure to return goods promptly following cancellation of an order will result in a refund being delayed. You the customer are liable for costs associated with return, unless the goods are faulty or were delivered in error or outside of the agreed delivery period, in which case Gordons Direct will be responsible for costs associated with return. In these circumstances Gordons Direct will refund to your credit/debit card the cost of return delivery in addition to any refund you are entitled to receive.

In the event that goods are returned to Gordons Direct and are subsequently found to be in a used, damaged or otherwise unsaleable condition, or in any condition other than that which the goods were sent to the customer, Gordons Direct is not obliged to offer a refund to the customer. In this instance Gordons Direct will offer to post the goods back to the customer, or dispose of goods on the customer's behalf.

For further information on returning goods to Gordons Direct please refer to our Return of Goods Procedure.

4.4 Should you fail to return goods to Gordons Direct within 30 days of authorisation to do so, you will be liable for the cost of the goods, the direct costs incurred by Gordons Direct in recovering the goods, and we will commence proceedings against you for breach of your statutory duty to take reasonable care. We will not automatically accept any returns after 30 days.

4.5 Should you return goods to Gordons Direct without prior authorisation to do so (in accordance with our Return of Goods Procedure) your refund might be delayed.

4.6 Should you return goods which you allege are defective but are subsequently found not to be so, Gordons Direct then reserve the right to charge a reasonable depreciation or handling fee, depending on the specific circumstances.

4.7 Goods can only be returned (as per our Return of Goods Procedure) by post to Web Returns Dept, Gordons Direct, 74 Scarva Road, Banbridge, Co. Down, BT32 3QD, Northern Ireland.

4.8 Gordons Direct reserve the right to charge a reasonable administration fee to cover our costs, if a customer fails to meet any of the conditions described above when cancelling an order or returning goods to Gordons Direct.

4.9 In the unlikely event that you receive goods or quantity of goods different to that ordered, or goods that are damaged or defective, Gordons Direct shall offer replacement or refund, in accordance with our Returns Policy.

5. Guarantee & Risk

5.1 All items are covered for fault/manufacturer defect by Gordons Direct for a period of one year, except where otherwise stated.

5.2 Fault/manufacturer defect does not include accidental or intentional damage, nor damage caused by the customer through misuse. Where an item, upon return, is found to have been damaged for any reason other than fault/manufacturer defect the customer will be charged for that item, all costs associated with return, and any costs borne by Gordons Direct or the relevant manufacturer in determining the cause of fault. You the customer can have the item(s) returned to you, or Gordons Direct can dispose of it/them on your behalf. Failure by you the customer to instruct Gordons Direct within 10 working days of a particular course of action to take will be interpreted as authorisation to dispose of the item(s) on your behalf.

5.3 Upon delivery risk passes to the customer. Until this point risk is borne by Gordons Direct.

6. Pricing & Product Information

6.1 Gordons Direct has taken great care to ensure prices are accurate. Prices may change over time, so if you use your 'My Wishlist' or 'My Tags' within 'My Account' as a way of re-ordering items, please note that prices on your previous order may no longer be valid. However, please also note that, other than due to unavoidable pricing error, the correct prices will be applied at 'Checkout'.

6.2 Gordons Direct reserves the right to change information, prices, specifications and descriptions of any products or information listed on without prior notice.

6.3 Should an error relating to the price of goods listed on occur, Gordons Direct is not required to accept a contract of sale under such terms. In such an event we will contact you by email to inform you of the error, and will not proceed with your order until you confirm that you wish to do so at the correct price. Gordons Direct undertakes to resolve and amend any errors as quickly as possible following notification or discovery of an error.

6.4 Promotions and prices indicated at are not binding in any other businesses operated by N & R Gordon Ltd. Likewise, promotions and prices indicated in any other businesses operated by N & R Gordon Ltd. are not binding at

6.5 Graphics and product images displayed on this website are for the purpose of illustration only, and may not accurately reflect the product advertised. We are unable to guarantee that the image shown accurately represents the product you will receive, should you place an order with 

7. Payment Information

7.1 Gordons Direct accepts payment by most major credit or debit cards. Payment will be debited from your account before the dispatch of your purchase.

7.2 If the issuer of your payment card refuses to authorise payment to Gordons Direct, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.

7.3 Credit/debit cards will be debited at the time an order is placed, or shortly after this. Prices include VAT and charge for delivery will be added according to our Delivery Charges. The total transaction cost will be shown prior to your confirmation of payment.

8. Ownership

8.1 Once Gordons Direct has received payment for goods, ownership passes to the customer.

8.2 Title to any product ordered will pass to the customer once payment has been received. Risk will not be passed until delivery of such item.

9. Complaint

9.1 Complaints should be made via one of the following channels:


Customer Satisfaction
Gordons Direct
74 Scarva Road
Co. Down
BT32 3QD
Northern Ireland

9.2 We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have about this website or any aspect of the service we offer.

10. Other Information

10.1 Gordons Direct is not responsible for acts or omissions on the part of any telecommunications providers, nor for failures or faults in their networks or equipment.

10.2 ‘Framing’ or ‘deep-linking’ to from any website under your control without the express permission of Gordons Direct is strictly forbidden. All intellectual property contained within remains the property of Gordons Direct and reproduction without express permission is strictly forbidden, and liable to prosecution.

10.3 Gordons Direct endeavour to assess any website it links to for suitability. However, external websites are beyond the control of Gordons Direct and as such Gordons Direct accepts no responsibility for the content of any website it links to.

10.4 Any breach by you the customer of these Terms & Conditions; or any failure on your part to make payment; or provide within a reasonable period of time any information we request in order to establish the accuracy and validity of your identity or any other information provided by you; or if we have cause to suspect that you are about to enter or have entered into criminal or fraudulent activity; may cause us to suspend or terminate your access to, and report you to the relevant authorities.

10.5 These Terms & Conditions, our Returns Policy, our Privacy Policy and Delivery Terms are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. When this occurs, Gordons Direct may or may not notify you by email about the change. Gordons Direct recommends that you read and understand these policies each and every time you place an order. Your continued use of following any changes will constitute your acceptance of such changes.

10.6 If any competent authority deems that any provision of these Terms & Conditions, or any other policies stated by Gordons Direct, is invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining parts shall not be affected.

10.7 These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Northern Ireland. Any contract and all correspondance will be communicated in English.

10.8 These Terms & Conditions, together with our current website prices, Delivery Information, Returns Policy, Security & Privacy Policy, contain the entire contract between Gordons Direct and you, relating to your purchase of goods from us. Nothing said by any sales person on our behalf should be understood as a variation of these Terms & Conditions or as an authorised representation about the nature or quality of any goods offered for sale by us. Save for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, Gordons Direct shall have no liability for any such representation being untrue or misleading.

10.9 Gordons Direct advises you to print off and keep a safe copy of these Terms & Conditions, once your order has been accepted by Gordons Direct. We will store a copy of the contract entered into by you with Gordons Direct. You are advised to read (and are responsible for reading) fully all information on this website.

10.10 No variation or amendment to these Terms & Conditions shall be binding for either party unless made in writing and signed by the authorised representative of both parties.

10.11 All designs, text, graphics, and their selection and arrangement on this website are protected by copyright. Copyrighted materials may not be reproduced or otherwise used without the prior consent of N & R Gordon Ltd. Unauthorised use is strictly prohibited.

© N & R Gordon Ltd. 2011. All rights reserved.

WEEE Directive

a) The Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive is now UK law. This legislation allows consumers to have their Electrical & Electronic waste disposed of, free of charge. Recycling reduces the environmental and health risks associated with sending electrical goods to landfill.

Under the WEEE Regulations, all new electrical goods should now be marked with a symbol indicating a crossed-out wheeled bin. This shows that they were manufactured after 13th August 2005, and should be disposed of separately from normal household waste so that they can be recycled. 

b) Gordons Direct is pleased to offer our customers free take-back of their WEEE on a like-for-like basis when they purchase a new electrical or electronic product from us.

For example, if a customer purchases a pair of hair straighteners from, Gordons Direct will arrange for their old hair straighteners to be safely disposed of.

c) Customers must return their WEEE to the following address within 14 days of receiving their new Electrical or Electronic product from

WEEE Return
Gordons Direct
74 Scarva Road
Co. Down
BT32 3QD
Northern Ireland

The customer is responsible for any postage costs they incur in returning the product to Gordons Direct.

d) Like-for-like basis: for the avoidance of doubt, the customer should contact Gordons Direct by emailing before they return any WEEE, in order for Gordons Direct to confirm that the product they intend to return classifies as a like-for-like replacement. Any product that we deem is not like-for-like cannot be returned to Gordons Direct under the WEEE Directive.

Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations

a) The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations allow consumers to have their waste portable batteries disposed of, free of charge. Recycling reduces the environmental and health risks associated with sending waste batteries to landfill.

b) Gordons Direct is pleased to offer our customers free take-back of their waste portable batteries. These can be returned in person to the following address:

Waste Batteries Return
Gordons Direct
74 Scarva Road
Co. Down
BT32 3QD
Northern Ireland

Please note that in addition to this, you can find your local waste portable battery recycling facility at Most supermarkets and shops that sell batteries will have collection bins for used batteries, and some town halls, libraries or schools may also set up collection points. End-users may find stores in their local area more accessible.


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